Small Business Week

With it being small business week, I figured what better time to start a blog.  There are so many fabulous women entrepreneurs here on Manitoulin Island, many I am sure you don’t even know exist (and many I still don’t know about, but hope to soon reach them all).  So, I am going to try and use this blog to highlight them, and hopefully, through those that follow me, find ALL of them.

Whose who and what do they do?

There are so many I am not even really sure where to start, so I figured let’s go East to West (I live in the east and am more familiar with this area), but I am so looking forward to getting all the way to the West!  If I feature a new business every day, that is 365 a year and I think there are more than 365 women owned businesses on this Island.

So, let’s start at the swing bridge and make our way along.

NEMI (Little Current)

It may seem strange, but the first women owned business along the way is mine (I literally look out the windows at the bridge – the excellent view from my home and training centre)

My business provides a series of courses to enhance your lifestyle.  There are 40+ different courses that I offer from teaching technology to seniors to estate planning.  I have several expert “masterminds” that I bring in to help with these classes.  Due to Covid-19, I am in the process of creating some videos and online classes so keep an eye out.