Too many ideas, not nearly enough time

As a small business owner having to close during Covid-19, I have to pivot and change.  I have been busy training on how to do video’s and learning how to provide interactive virtual classes.  I am a teacher/instructor.  One of the things I teach is technology to seniors.  It is important that I have an interactive way to show them how to use their cell phones and tablets.  In the age of Covid-19 (and beyond), it is more important than ever that seniors are comfortable with using technology.

Learning how to Pivot

I am trying to figure out how to do what I see others doing.   How did they get that survey to pop up? How are they doing getting that double screen?  What is that piece of equipment?  Do I need to have a headset?  Questions, questions and more questions.  But I have found some good education programs, and I am working through getting the equipment I need.  I have applied for funding opportunities through the Northern Ontario Recovery Program to help cover off some of the costs.  I am hoping to be up and running by the end of November with my first videos.  Keep an eye on starting December.

Having to change is a good thing

So, for all of you entrepreneurs out there who have had to pivot to make your business work during Covid-19, congratulations.  I know some of you have made changes you never would have made without it and will continue those changes on beyond Covid-19.  There is always a positive to every negative.  Stay well, keep a positive outlook and take some time to get outside and rake those leaves!  It will be snowing here before we know it.