Women of Manitoulin Entrepreneur Network

Back in 2016, due to a need I had (being unable to find resources I needed here on Manitoulin to assist my business, but knowing they existed), I created a network called the Women of Manitoulin Entrepreneur Network (WOMEN).  The goal of this “free” organization was to support all Manitoulin Island Women business owners.  If I could not find the resources I needed, I was certain other business owners could not either!  The intent of this network is to provide networking opportunities, support, education, and information. There is a large and ever-growing group of talented and creative women here on Manitoulin.  The group is now in excess of 200 members.  There is no cost to be part of this network, you are a member just by being a Manitoulin Island woman entrepreneur. As a business owner you get free advertising on the website business page

The pandemic has only highlighted the versatility and creativity of the WOMEN business owners.  I have decided that now will be a perfect time to start highlighting them.  So watch my blog and see (hopefully I will get through all of them over the next months/years) all of these fabulous ladies.