The blog over the coming weeks and months is going to start focusing on individual Manitoulin Women entrepreneurs.  It is amazing how well they are all working together with other #local businesses (Manitoulin Island and Ontario). New Grain Bakery and Kitchen has put a special focus using each other’s products and services to help promote each other. Note: Image taken from Manitoulin Expositor article.

 New Grain Bakery and Kitchen

Although quite new to business here on Manitoulin, Genevieve Sartor and her partner Andrew Toman moved to Manitoulin literally a week before Covid-19 hit back in March of 2020.  Starting out at the @townofnemi Farmers Market, this business has grown fast!  Outgrowing their Little Current location kitchen, they went looking for a new location and moved from the east end of Manitoulin Island to the west end and now the business is located in Gore Bay.

New Grain Bakery and Kitchen is located in the downtown core of Gore Bay @townofgorebay. New Grain Bakery and Kitchen specialise in sourdough (naturally leavened) bread, as well as picnic and nosh boxes available for pre-order online through the website

A unique feature of the business is how it connects with the abundant resources Manitoulin producers have to offer. Every Sunday a new menu is posted that is inspired by the seasonality and availability of local ingredients. New Grain prefer having a short, ever-changing weekly menu in order to provide made-to-order, fresh and seasonal items, as opposed to a constant, longer menu.

New Grain’s pre-order system also means they experience little-to-no waste, and that individuals travelling from elsewhere on the Island can be certain that their order is available for them. New Grain’s commitment to quality and community extend to catering services, where they provide unique dining experiences for their clients that are imaginative and fresh.

New Grain are invested in providing accessibility to their product(s), and have weekly drop off points in Little Current, Providence Bay, and Three Forks Farms weekend market, with new locations soon to be announced. At each of these locations they offer  sourdough loaves, Ligurian-style focaccia, and in Little Current also offer maple sticky buns made with wood-fired maple syrup produced on-Island.

New Grain is committed to providing quality products made from ingredients as close to home as possible, fostering community on the beautiful island of Manitoulin. Find out more at

Partnerships with Manitoulin WOMEN Entrepreneurs and Others

Manitoulin businesses include:

Ontario Businesses

  • Cheese Shop – Kapuskasing Ontario @fromageriekapuskoise

Charitable Giving

Canada Day 2021 profits were given to @downiewenjack Fund.  The creation of the fund was inspired by Chanie’s story and Gord’s call to build a better Canada.  The Gord Downie & Chanie Wenjack Fund aims to build cultural understanding and create a path toward reconciliation between Indigenous and non-indigenous peoples.

The goal of the fund is “to improve the lives of Indigenous people by building awareness, education and connections between all Canadians”.